Seeing Differently

Our complex, disruptive world means that we must watch carefully for the weak signals of change.

Yet while many of us 'look', few of us 'see' with any critical capacity.

I help individuals, teams and institutions to work creatively with visual leadership and culture change.

We each play witness to our changing times and the millions of images we see and publish each day are evidence that our experience of the world is increasingly visual.

If you are an entrepreneur, strategist, leader, coach, change agent, consultant, freelancer, shifter, designer, teacher, or creator seeking intuitive, imaginal, visionary ways of seeing the future, this is for you.

Welcome to Listening with our Eyes

Steve Marshall


The Work

Many of us realise that the ways in which we are living and working are unrewarding, unsustainable and boring.  Our work is to generate helpful, creative, imagery and inspiration that spans the gap between where we are now and a better, more fulfilling future for ourselves, our organisations and our institutions?



Taking seriously for a moment the idea that vision and evocative visuals might be connected....

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"I dream of visionaries living in every neighbourhood."
                                (Laura Sewall)


The Big Questions

How can we reconsider some of the big questions about the potential of generative work, social justice, creativity and sustainability while developing our passion and commitment for the vision of a better world? How can we start to see a bigger picture of knowledge and knowing to address the ethical challenges we face?


Vision Inquiry: James Wilson

... a moment when the doors of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum open to the patiently waiting crowd outside and… nothing happens… no-one moves….

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"I love Steve’s work.....

......he finds a way to show people as he sees them, in all their beauty and humanity.  His pictures are potent because he gives us an image of ourselves not normally available to us."  

(John Higgins, co-editor, The Change Doctors)

"Steve has a wonderful capability... work with complex situations and dynamics, with a grounded and calm personality, remaining clear and focused under all conditions. He is very intelligent, straight forward and honest in his dealings with his clients, whilst also being innovative, supportive and insightful."  

(Caryn Vanstone, Ashridge